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Cosmic Krush

Greetings to all from Magitarius! This week kicks off our 2 week Cosmic Krush campaign starting this Friday, March 25 2016. Every day for the next 2 weeks beginning on the 25th we will be posting

Dragorn and Kigor Mini Resin Figures

Dragorn and Kigor mini resin figures are finally here! Designed, sculpted, molded and cast in house they are the newest editions to Magitarius’s resin figures line for sale. These figures were a lot of to make so we will definitely ratchet up our production on producing more!

Handmade Toy and Ceramic Show

participated in the Handmade Toy and Ceramic Show today in Greensboro NC. This show was a continued effort on the part of local toy and ceramic makers to bring more focus to the toy community here in North Carolina

Homemade As Hell Show

Last night was our opening at Dye Pretty with our new works, appropriately Halloween themed(so will the other shows this month). Enjoyed hanging out with everyone who came through

Upcoming Halloween Shows 2015

Magitarius is preparing for a few shows that we will be involved in October of this year. We will be re-leasing a new resin figure along with new shirts and other original artworks.

Adventures in Resinland

Like many other artists we decided to go the resin casting path due to the availabillity of the medium and fact that we can produce everything in house

Toy Art Show Featuring Drogun/Dragorn by Magitarius

Drogun and Dragorn- newest from the Magitarius Labs, 2015.

These two characters Drogun and Dragorn are twin brothers that cause havoc all over the universe. Whether it’s fighting it out with each other or battling crazzy demons and other foes, these two are constantly at itodds on a galactic scale and caught up in constant mischief. When these two fight th

Toy Collections

Toy Collections, what’s in em’ and what’s it all about??? What does it mean to the collectors??? Why do people even bother? What are they searching for??? I can’t speak for others but from my perspective as a lifetime and avid collector, it’s about more than just having the newest figure…

Alien Landscapes

Tracy Lindenthal has recently had a large solo show at the The Delta Arts Center located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Tracy has on display 9 out of a series of 12 large (5’x4′), stunning, multi-media pieces depicting Alien Landscapes in custom frames that are absolutly amazing.