Resin Zombie Figures

Resin Zombie Figures

Back with another post, this time about resin. We have been experimenting with the whole resin process seriously for the past 2 months, longer really off and on but this is with the pressure casting system. Like many other artists we decided to go the resin casting path due to the availability of the medium and fact that we can produce everything in house and not have to send off somewhere with someone else making my stuff. That being said, we do want to get our figures cast in vinyl it has just been kept at a distance for multiple reasons. What’s the next best thing? Resin.

One cool thing about resin aside from it’s availability is the fact that it is somewhat affordable if you purchase in bulk. The super clear cast is more expensive. It really depends on the types of results you are going for which dictate what you will be buying. There are several glow in the dark powders which can be added to your resin and make for nice effects and gives something extra to your figures.

Purple Resin Zombie

Like many many processes there is a learning curve. We currently do not have a vacuum chamber so tiny bubbles show up in the silicone molds which result in tiny bumps on the finished casts. They can be sanded off but it would be nice to not have them at all. Right now we are looking into alternate means in order to help with this process. Still, some of that can be overlooked when you have a really cool looking overall figure.

One major issue we have had with our process is that our pressure pot leaks air around the seal. We tried putting vaseline on it and it helped a little but we still need a real solution. We are currently looking for a work around here as well. It is however not a huge leak but we think it may be contributing to there still being some air bubbles in the casts. Again, some of this can be over looked with a cool cast. Still striving for perfection though!