Across the galaxies in the deepest reaches of space, far beyond what we know of as “space” are vast stretches of the most incredibilly diverse patches of growth and life sculpted by time and the very essence of the soul energy from the cosmos itself. These places are seldom observed let alone frequented by any external lifeorces.

They have been left alone for untold eons creating volumes of histories unknown to mankind yet completely self sufficient and constantly in a state of flux molding and re-working itself throughout the ages providing life-havens for plants and creatures so obscure and vast that the imagery we have captured and reproduced through our art barely scratches the surface of what is out there.

Tracy with work at Delta Arts Center

Tracy Lindenthal has recently had her first large solo show at the Fine Arts Gallery, The Delta Arts Center located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Tracy has for display 9 out of a series of 12 stunning large scale multi-media custom framed pieces that are absolutly amazing. Each piece is matted with a beautiful cream colored matte encased with doubled tiered blonde wood moulding. Upon entering the Center you are immediately transported to another dimention with multiple windows each uniquely stand alone pieces in their own right, let alone combined for this event. Tracy has utilized within her work pencils, pens, acrylic paints and washes along with other secret ingredients to bring these forms to life. Every piece has it’s own spiritual presense and is specially blessed and moves with a strange fluidity as the eye flows over the works. Alien Landscapes is on display May 6 – June 20, 2014 with the opening reception on Thurday May 8, 2014.

Alien Landscapes at Delta Arts Center

“Tracy Lindenthal’s work is a delightful departure from what viewers may be accustomed to seeing at the Center and it will surely be admired for its painstakingly detailed narratives that have the ability to transport the viewer to undiscovered places. “My intention is to create a world that captures nostalgic feelings and emotions that are likewise strange and familiar,” says Lindenthal. Tracy is very humbled to have her first solo exhibition at Delta Art Center and hopes that the public enjoys her works as much as she enjoys creating it.”-The Delta Arts Center

Monsters, Aliens, and other Weirdness is a big part of what we do here at Magitarius. It’s infused into almost all of our works and translates into toys, custom one offs, paintings, clothing, animations, puppets and shows like this one by Tracy (the intrigul other half). These newest editions have been the result of a transmutation of inspiration from multiple sources combined of all the years of being steeped deep in toy collections and an ungodly amount of sci-fi and space films and the like. It’s an interpretation of what’s beyond and strangely enough here at home on planet earth. The deeper we go the more will surface and the landscapes will continue to grow and mutate………

Planet Caramel Poster

Available through Magitarius you are now able to purchase from our small runs series 18×24″ poster prints of these amazing pieces. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the original pieces please feel fre to contact us at: