As the far sides of the galaxy continued to outstretch its arms unto the deep depths of space unknown, a tiny wormhole appeared and began to take shape. As it continued to flex and grow it began to open up thereby exposing a link between our universe and another one. Upon opening up, a small squadron of Aliens slipped through the hole unnoticed and into our universe. Those aliens are akin to the Space Alien Oreion! 14 in all, these Oreions are here now and taking up residence at the Magi Labs. They are seeking out new places to dwell so pick yours up now while they are available for a limited time!


Greetings to all from Magitarius! This week kicks off our 2 week Cosmic Krush campaign starting this Friday, March 25 2016. Every day for the next 2 weeks beginning on the 25th we will be posting on all of our Magitarius social pages (Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook) as well as our website a new series of Special Edition Oreion colorways called “The Cosmic Krush”. Oreion is our very own 12” Vinyl and Resin combo Space Alien figure available on our website at:


There will be 14 different limited edition color versions of Oreion to be released. You can check out  all 14 starting Friday, March 25th at: All of the figures have been painted by us here at Magitarius and they will be made available for purchase on our website as they are listed 1 every day for the next 2 weeks.  Enjoy!!!