Homemade as Hell show

So, Last night was our opening at Dye Pretty with our new works, appropriately Halloween themed(so will the other shows this month). Enjoyed hanging out with everyone who came through and supported us in the rain, again. Special thanks to Whitney of Dye Pretty for hosting it and showing us lots of love as always!
The show looked good hanging up with lots of prints, some paintings, a few skateboard decks and we were able to release some new pieces like our Death Lordz Zombie resin figures.

Purple Resin Zombie

Close-up Resin figure

Resin Zombie Figures

Resin Zombie Figures

These figures have articulation at the shoulders and waist via magnets. The smaller zombie figures twist at the waist. We are currently working on the  release of another figure in this line before the Greensboro show(more photos to follow). Got a new airbrush so  excited to experiment with that on this line and see what the results will be.

large zombie painting

More at Homemade as Hell show

Did try out some acrylics on the smaller zombies and they turned out pretty cool.
Got a special delivery of freshly printed shirts at the beginning of the show. They also look great. Those shirts will be up on the site later this weekend.
Of the paintings that are currently up, there is a large 3x6ft menacing undead piece looking pretty gut wrenching and awesome that size! Lots of guts and drippy bits all around. Definitely going to stay on the zombie/undead route and continue to make creepy pieces aside from all the other avenues we are pursuing.
Glad we did it and looking forward to the next shows!