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An Independant Designer Toy Company Creating Original Vinyl & Resin Figures


Mini Zombie Horde, 4 custom paint jobs on smaller magnetic resin zombie figures


Arakus is Magitarius’s first full vinyl figure! Aracnoid features with super powers Arakus hails from the deepest depths of space in an array of different psychedelic colorways,GID versions, one offs both ours and with artist collabs, as well as blank versions. Available here on our site!


Kaiju Cult

Magitarius will have multiple pieces in the Kaiju Cult Show in Atlanta GA again this year 2019. If you are available you should definitely come check it out. Lots going on, check the FB page for all the details!


Magitarius is excited to be a part of the Annual Chubz the Cat Online Custom Show Part 2 put on by Mark Nagata! There are a lot of fantastic artists involved in the customizing of the Chubz’s Japanese Vinyl Toys. We are honored to be a part! The vinyl figure itself was produced by Maxtoyco and designed and sculpted by @jay222toy(on Instagram). To see the full line up check out all of the participants on Mark Nagata’s Maxtoyco at: https://www.maxtoyco.com/chubz-the-cat-2nd-annual-custom-show/

Definitely go to Instagram and see all of the amazing work done by these talented artists and their respective profiles!!!

Complete List of Artists Involved:

Michael Devera
Nick & Lindsay DiFabbio
Maya Doka
Dski One
Doug Hardy
Heather Hyatt
Javier Jimenez
Seth & Laura Longmire
Mark Nagata
James Osbourne
Cristina Ravenna
Wonder Goblin
Ryan Young

Golden Chubz and Steel Blue Version

These are our 2 entries for the show- The Golden Chubz and the Steel Blue version. They are available at: https://www.maxtoyco.com/shop_cat.php


With the New Year we’ve been busy creating and producing new pieces of art and building onto our collection of featured works. Recent additions to our site include new mini resin casts of Dragorn and Kigor and a special section for original paintings including 3d monster reliefs sculpted on wood. These come in a variety of sizes and are wired and ready to hang. They have been a lot of fun to create so look forward to seeing a continuous flow…..Enjoy!

Mini Zombie Horde, 4 custom paint jobs on smaller magnetic resin zombie figures


Undead all year round these zombies and the like have found a permanent home on our website. We will be listing new zombie designs as they come in the form of figures, posters and apparel. Stay tuned…


Time to get styled out with our wide selection of Kaiju and Undead design wear. Lots to choose from and always adding! Shirts are 100% cotton and comfortable.

Magitarius Skateboards

Having grown up skateboarding, we have a understanding of the joy of having cool graphics on one’s own skate deck. The art was/is a huge piece of the culture. Part of the excitement of getting a new deck was having some sick image on it to take your imagination to some crazy realm for as long as it lasted. These boards are our way of paying homage to those boards and that time, and the artists who created them(Jason Jesse graphics and Jim Phillips back in the day definitely)! Our boards aren’t mass produced(yet) just hand painted, one of a kind pieces coming from a place of love!

Undead Viking Vest


Magi Biker Vests

Another newer project we’ve been working on this year(2015) has been hand painting a series of biker-style vests. We are hoping to get these and more designs printed on large patches for sale on the site. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us and let us know if you are interested in getting a custom Magi Vest.

Toy Break Episode #322: Oreion Review


Smokin Oreion Mini-Commercial


Oreion Mini-Commercial


Zombie Time-Lapse Footage