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 Welcome to Magitarius!!

We are a husband and wife creative team producing original artwork  specializing in small run series of vinyl and resin designer toys with an emphasis on our very own Japanese-Inspired Kaiju-styled monsters. We also collaborate with other toy artists and designers to create unique One-Off figures.

Magitarius Figures/Toys Are Recommended for Adults 18+ Years of Age or Older.


StarVenger Of The Ninth Order

Special Line of Figures Made by The Elusive StarVenger. Bootlegish Plastic Art Pieces


Alien Softvinyl/Sofubistyle Figure created by us at Magitarius. 9″ tall, articulated, and comes in a variety of colors.

Namakubi Heads

“Namakubi or severed head tattoos are a classic Japanese tattoo image that can have a number of meanings.” Magitarius has created an interpretation of the namakubi tatoo in sculpture.