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Vinyl Figures

Softvinyl/Sofubi style figures

Welcome to the complete listing of Magitarius Softvinyl Figures that we have available. All figures are designed, sculpted and molded (except for some collaboration pieces) by us then sent to the factory to be made into softvinyl by overseas alchemists using a blend of modern day technology and ancient magic. They are then sent back to us to be hand painted or sold as blanks in small batch limited quanity editions. All sold or discontinued vinyl figures are up for display on our “Vinyl Figures Archives” Page.

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Multiple Variations Are Available

Available in a variety of custom “One-Off” Sofubi-style painted versions

Arakus Painted Vinyl Figures

Hand Painted Vinyl Figures

Arakus Blank Colorways Vinyl Figures

Blank Colorway Vinyl Figures

Arakus Glow Guts Vinyl Figures

Collboration Vinyl Figures

Hand Painted Vinyl Figures

 Blank Colorway Vinyl Figures

Collab Vinyl Figures