Toy Collections, what’s in em’ and what’s it all about??? What does it mean to the collectors??? Why do people even bother? What are they searching for??? I can’t speak for others but from my perspective as a lifetime and avid collector (of all kinds of figures) it’s about more than just having the newest figure or all of one particular series of figures. Strictly getting toys from this era or that one, this series and that’s it, all or nothing, that never works for me. I never have the money to get some of those pieces or can’t find em or something. I think in some cases, toys will find their way to you.

Toybox's collectionIt’s cool to hone in and specilize on a particular theme or version (always nice to see a really intense collection of cool figures) but it does go beyond that for some seekers. Some figures bring up old or forgotten childhood memories whereas some toys just have the coolest sculpt. Sometimes it’s about particular color or a vintage year. Whatever the reason some of the most obscure figures will eventually find there way to either being buried forever as a forgotten memory or end up someone’s Super-Chuck cluster of awesome plastic, a shrine of sheer dopeness waiting to be viewed and appreciated by only a select few lucky enough to gaze upon it…Or it’s just someone’s lifetime achievement of the stupidest shit you ever seen. It’s all over the place.

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If you’re in it long enough, you become witness to some pretty hilarious characters and well as some of the coolest toy collectors. It’s a wide gambit out there. It’s always an adventure going digging for plastic treasures, not always good but it is nice when you do find some real rare gems. Some of those gems don’t mean anything to anyone else but for one reason or another it finds a way into the mix and then spirited to you. Sometimes you’ll find one that resembles someone from school from back in the day which is always good for a laugh.

jumbo02's collectionToys are like vessels and some have mad soul and always a story. It’s interesting when you come across the collectors and vendors who know what they have and can drop some wisdom about where they come from and who produced it.

Is this an extremely rare piece, 1 of only 3 ever made? Did someone have to smuggle this toy into the country? Did this figure get his arm melted off at the airport then receive a bootleg replacement from up North somewhere for 3 years then eventually wind up with an original arm then sold than passed down from several more collectors only to end up almost being chewed up to death by a dog while sneaking into some chick’s Mom’s house because it fell out of your book-bag? Maybe… Or did that figure turn green completely because all of the flea market scuzz wouldn’t wash off and then eventually molded enough to turn any figure into a mutated Mossman figure no where close to being even remotely a He-Man figure?

Maybe, you don’t even remember what your toy collection even looks like because you got sick of all the insane intensive dusting sessions and needed a break and your figures became sealed away in a tomb upstairs, an endless supply of plastic bin coffins constantly being added to and growing by getting new figures, checking them out and enjoying them for a bit and then sealing them away with the rest of the pack, waiting for the Great Move when all problems will be solved and a new house will become available with all types of nice glass shelves and see-thru containers. No more dusting just a squirt of Windex and a wipe and the collection is preserved and displayed to be seen and experienced in all it’s glory.

So much more, this is just today’s 2 cents.